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BMS 4 Breweries

Our BMS 4 Breweries encompasses everything a modern (craft) should need. Import BeerXML recipes, define production schemas and tasks and start managing your brew and bottle runs.

Our solution includes (a.o):

BeerXML Import

Import BeerXML recipes and start your production runs for beer.


Define Bills of Material (BoM), production schemas and tasks and initiate your production runs.

Our solution is suitable for both discrete (assembly) as process-oriented manufacturing.

Customer Relations

Integrated account, contact and opportunity management. Including extensive customer profiles.


Register multiple warehouses and other faciities. Maintain all your equipment and other assets.

More Info

Check out the presentation our Pierre Smits gave at the ApacheCon EU 2014 event: Brewing with OFBiz

Our BMS 4 Breweries solution came to be with the help from various breweries and brewers.

For more  info click here

Catalogs & Products

Everything to manage multiple stores, catalogs, categories and products. Extensive price and promo configuration ensure that your webshop vistors get the correct price.


Multiple warehouses, and 3PL integrations. This component offers everything regarding picking, packing and shipping your goods, but also receipt of the deliveries of your suppliers.

Supply Chain

Manage all your supplier in a single component. For all your procurement managers.


The webshop offers everything you expect to see in a modern e-commerce store. Including static website integration.


Access our demo-site via:

and use following credentials:

  • userId: brewmeister
  • password: orrtiz

Contact Details


Wagenaarstraat 398
5343 CT Oss
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 412 48 86 94

For more info contact:

Pierre Smits

Tel: +31 412 48 86 94

Skype: pierresmits_somonar