CPM - orrtiz

Catalog & Product Management

Unlimited stores, catalogs, categories and most import: unlimited products.

Everything is intended to offer maximum flexibility and manageability. But also extensive price management and promotion ruling is included.



Unlimited stores. And it does not matter whether you're talking about brick-and-mortar stores or webshops.
Per store you'll have multiple configuration options, like

  • Payment options
  • Shipment options
  • Catalog definitions
  • Promo applications

and more.

Product Categories

Unlimited product categories. And each category has multiple configuration options, like:

  • nested hierarchies
  • unlimited product associations

and more.


The catalog is the basis of your (e-) store offerings. A catalog can be combined with multiple stores, unlimited product categories and products. 

Prices & Price Rules

Each product can have multiple prices and/or price rules to cater to the diversity of your customers

Promos & Promo Rules

Extensive promo and promo rules configuration. Whether you want to differentiate per type of customer or geographic region, it is all possible. And more.

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For more info contact:

Pierre Smits

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