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Our service offerings include:

  • Consultancy for deciders, developers and users,
  • Development, implementation and support of e-commerce and portal solutions,
  • Integration in your infrastructure and application landscape,
  • Application management and support,
  • Hosting of your OFBiz environment
  • Training and coaching of developers and users.


Our consultancy team has a strong business background across various industry sectors and can help you with your digital transformation.


Our devops team can assist your with your deployments into and management of your IT infrastructure.

OFbiz Hosting

Our OFBiz hosting package includes:

  • a front-end webserver
  • the OFBiz application server
  • a back-end database server

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Our skilled developers have a deep understanding of web technologies, and know their way around a large number of programming languages to get your solutions implemented fast.


In need of data migration from your legacy application to your new solution? We can assist you with your BI issues, Data Warehouse, Data Lake and Data Vault.

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Wagenaarstraat 398
5343 CT Oss
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 412 48 86 94

For more info contact:

Pierre Smits

Tel: +31 412 48 86 94

Skype: pierresmits_somonar